As Empires Fall

by Chemicaust

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released October 12, 2015

Damian Giron - Guitars
Pierce Hall - Guitars
Ernie Jaramillo - Bass/Vocals
Ron Harris - Drums



all rights reserved


Chemicaust Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: As Empires Fall
Horror fills the sky as Death Reigns high above The innocent fall victim as they watch their cities burn Warring factions clash upon the city streets The week shall perish once again as the battle rages on

Terror burns inside as the horrors of war are revealed Inhumane acts of violence unleashed across the land.
Burning temples are reduced to ashes as their prayers go unheard Invading hordes unmercifully rape pillage and burn

As empires fall, Kings are enslaved
We are usurpers, to the throne!

As empires fall in ruin kingdoms are enslaved The majesty is in decay as usurpers seize the throne The blood line has been severed there is no Heir to the crown As we descend into chaos, darkness and misery
Track Name: Vanished
Soulless and unmerciful, relentless butchery
Brutal without compassion as your feeble body bleeds
Tortured beyond comprehension, beaten and left for dead
Awaken half unconscious, as you await your Death

Vanished, without a trace
Abducted, against your will
Tortured, beyond comprehension
Left for dead

Psychological mental disorder, depletion of the mind
Deterioration of the mind, distorted images of life
Blacken imagery pierces my subconscious, twisting reality
An overwhelming sense of hatred, unleashed upon humanity
Track Name: Genocide
Control the weak by fear and intimidation Death to those who oppose the new regime Oppress the masses through lies and propaganda Eradicate the filth from the earth!

Rise to power from the ashes of a fallen nation Seize control and command your troops to war Hell on Earth unleashed upon the battle field Onward to victory or death!

Pain, excruciating torture, torment, terror, experimental surgery conducted upon the the living bleeding profusely from surgical incisions pleading for mercy dying in pain.

Genocide, to rid the filth from the earth
Eradicate the vile infestation
Track Name: Human Sacrifice
Ancient temples forgotten religions
structures made of stone
Death worship, human sacrifice,
Rituals in blood

Human sacrifice, rituals in blood, to appease the gods, Blood

False prophets, disciples of death, apocalyptic prophecies.
Cryptic scriptures deciphered texts
Foretold foreseen

Stone alter obsidian blade
sacrificial offering
Serpent deity an offering of flesh
For the gods I bleed
Track Name: The Absurd Beautiful Lie
Into the Darkness, Into the Night
Beyond the gates eternal, beyond the fading light
A false glimpse of hope, vanishes before my eyes
A symbol of salvation, the fading night

The Absurd, Beautiful, Lie

Into the darkness we fall, into the night sky drown
lurking in the souls of man, lies the instinct to kill